Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will a repair take on a ESL?

Our standard turnaround time is 2-3 working days (Saturdays, Sundays  and bank holidays excluded) depending when the item/s arrive at our premises.  

However, depending on our engineer's workload, in some cases we can  manage to have the repairs ready in an even shorter period of time.   

What if my repair is delayed for any reason?

In some rare cases your repair may be delayed due to a number of  factors: we may need to order additional parts, we may have to wait for  telephone payment, we may require additional parts from the customer’s  vehicle, etc. In such cases, we will try to always keep you updated  about the delay and its cause; and will try to sort the issue out as  soon as possible.   

I am local to you, can I pop in for a repair?

You are more than welcome to visit us  in case you need to speak to an engineer or if you want your item to be  repaired whilst you wait. We have a reception area for our customers  and we can perform some of our repairs while you wait (as fast as in 1  hour!). Please call us for an appointment before visiting our premises.


What if I am an International Customer?

We will make arrangements with FedEx or DHL depending on your location and spending budget.

What kind of repairs do you carry out?

We can carry out repairs on the electric steering lock & ignition switches.  In particular, we can have your remote key fob repaired, we can produce a spare key to start your vehicle, we can refurbish your instrument cluster, we can recode your immobiliser unit, we can remove the immobiliser function off your car depending on certain factors, we can reset the crash data from your airbag module, we can repair your faulty climate control unit or ACC, we can fix the diesel pump and the ABS pump units, we can repair the ECU, we can remap your ECU, and many more. We  also program parts that have been changed into the vehicle. We are known as the ESL Doctor. So please don’t  hesitate to contact us in case you have a problem with any of the  aforementioned components… or with any other electric or module problem

Will I receive a warranty for my repair?

Of course, We pride ourselves to be not only a competitive and  professional company but also to be honest and open with our customers.  And so we offer straightforward warranty periods and conditions.

What sort of experience do you have in the business?

We have more than 20 years of experience in the vehicle industry.